Wrap Up of Brisbane

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A little look at Brisbane Saturday:

*Before we start, the big talking point at present is the feature races finishing off the day, is it a good idea or not? My personal opinion is that it does look a good idea and it does build into the feature very nicely. However a 10pm finish at the Valley the other night was ridiculous.

It will be interesting to see what happens when we get to Flemington, I have not heard plans for the carnival features? The Melbourne Cup is usually early in the day, I think placed as the 2nd last race would be a great option, however the Spring storms can play havoc and that has to be the big concern with tinkering with times.

 Brissyraces Image

Race 1:

BOREHOLE is simply a horse in great form. He went back to back leading all the way. The placegetters had their chance to get past him but he is going too well. SOULD CRUSADE and SPECIAL MISS are both decent horses who can win the right race shortly but all honours to the winner.

Race 2:

MISSY LONGSTOCKING will probably improve off the run but again she got a lovely run in transit to get every chance and class prevailed in the end.

Race 3:

Bit of a leader dominated affair and Browne nursed BLACK CASH long enough to get past THE STOREMAN to get the money. Both runs were very solid. QFIGHTER was again the run of the race but had to be snagged back from the gate and lost all chance when that happened as the pace was not strong enough to win.

Bit concerned with BRIBIE’s run, he has been up a long time and may be ready for a break?

Race 4:

Cut throat pace here and many slit their own wrists.

VINTAGE MOSS looked a good thing and that is the way it panned out. He ran right over the top off them and went away!

SIGNIFIED was pretty good but I liked the run of ROCKET TO GLORY who went hard but held on well.

Race 5:

The unluckiest runner of the day without a shadow of a doubt was TAIL AND ALL, he was held up the entire straight and should simply have won.

Race 6:

TORNADO MISS is not the best horse getting around but she has great racing manners and puts herself in winning positions every race, that is the key to why she is running so well.

LASCAR is the horse to follow, really liked the run and has a lot of upside. ELITE ECHELON also in that boat.

 Matt Dunn Racing

Race 7:

HLUDOWIG stayed in the gates, forget he went around.

Matt Dunn is on fire and EPIC TERRA is a bulldog, a very good race horse in a great frame of mind, I was surprised to see it again paid well! Probably the win of the day.

SOMEDAY was ok but not convinced he is going as well as he can.

Race 8:

MAGIC IN MOTION is a nice mare who got all the breaks and Heathcote looks to have her going very well.

The worst thing that come out of REGULAR’s last win way well be that he looked like a leader and the same tactics were employed, no doubt that may change next start and I reckon his run was again very good.

**A good day all round and there will be the BLACKBOOKERS up later in the week so be sure to check in.