Wrap up

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Bit of a tough day to work out at Eagle Farm. You could make ground but it was very hard to win from back and come widest.

Again the thing that I can’t work out is why they are all 5-6-7-8 wide and riding on the corner with 500m+ to run? As mentioned last week, they may ride like that once in a while at Flemington, but rarely. They still race tight, 2-3 wide on the corner, nurse and usually last off the bit wins. EF seems they get stuck in and it’s survival of the fittest? Happy to hear what other punters think of it?

In my opinion it’s simply patience. Is that why a guy like Shinn had an amazing strike rate when he was riding here? Yes he had good rides but he’s an extremely patient rider.

Like I said last week, Maloney rode COOL CHAP with patience, nursed and won. This week the perfect ride was Baylee on INVINCIBLE AL, I could never have backed the horse personally but he trucked up behind them in the straight, he didn’t even ask the horse for an effort until the 220m mark and no surprise he sprinted better than them once it got that steer.


FRADD- PLITVICE- Found the perfect spot midfield with cover from the horror gate. Still not sure how he was able to land there but it was a winning move.


*Stewart on NEW UNIVERSE had a good gate to work with but again timed his run, he’s going as good as anyone in QLD at the moment.


Missed opportunity?

*Not sure if anyone tied up with Sky or RQ reads this site. I tweeted something after race 8 yesterday (and I hope they took it the right way, it wasn’t a crack at them. It was pointing something out that may never have been thought of. It could even help QLD). Too often opinions are taken as criticisms. I feel with QLD racing finishing later than everywhere else over the last few weeks we’ve missed a great opportunity for air time. Between race 8 and 9 in qld there was a promotion for the NSW country championships on thoroughbred central. There would have still been a very large audience at that time of day and we need to be pushing for that air time. What a great chance that would have been to use 25 mins to replay and commentate on each of the races from the day. Punters would have watched and they would have found horses to follow that they might blackbook and then back next start. That’s a + for turnover.

Yes it’s a very little detail, but with television rights up for grabs I thought we’d be demanding things like this (and getting them). NSW and VIC cash in on every little 1% opportunity, we need to be doing the same every chance we get.