Your thoughts on this weeks topics?

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I just wanted to bring up the situation with the Brisbane tracks again. I was glowing in my report of how Doomben played on the weekend, but I have had some people pull me up on the Eagle Farm surface, and they have said it is still a massive issue in Brisbane racing.

People have raised the question as to why the races were not able to be run on Thursday when they were able to get the massive tractors on the course to mow, but the owners and trainers of the horses that were there to chase some prize money, and some obviously would be set for those races were left at home in their boxes? When you think about it, those thoughts are most likely correct. If you can get tractors on to mow, surely horses can race? There would have probably been less rain Thursday than there was on Saturday where the last three races were run in pouring rain. Have those Thursday participants been left out in the cold to allow Saturday’s meeting to go ahead when the situation could well have been worse? What are your thoughts?

More questions are getting asked as to when the Eagle Farm track will have some serious work done to it so it can cope with rain, as some feel it is still well below par. Each winter carnival you are guaranteed to have a chorus of trainers labelling it a ‘goat track’ etc. Graham Begg was very outspoken a couple of years ago, as were Gillian Hienrich and many others. I am just putting it out there as I thought it had improved, but I’m hearing otherwise. I will ask some trainers and jockeys if possible what their thoughts are on the track as it does interest me.

Also many have been critical of Racing Queensland for not changing the Friday meeting with the $100,000 Sunshine Coast Cup over to the cushion track. I have heard that they said it is extremely difficult once acceptances have been taken to change what track it is run on. Fair enough, but a heap of rain was predicted and isn’t that what the cushion track was put in for? It seems as though there is a chance that ‘feature’ race may be lost, so how important is it really?

Anyway these are just thoughts of people around the place and I thought it would be worthwhile bringing them up for people to discuss. If you are a racing lover in Qld, or even better if you are involved in racing in some way (owner etc)  I would love to know your thoughts on all of the above. Feel free to write an e-mail (anonymous or with your name) and let me know what your thoughts are. Whether Eagle Farm needs money spent on it, or if you agree or disagree with how this week was handled? I may post a few letters up through the week with peoples thoughts..

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