Add battle of the bush to the Archer raceday

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The BATTLE OF THE BUSH on Tatts Tiara day is just a waste in my opinion. Before people blow up, no, I am not against country racing. I think it’s fantastic they get a big prizemoney race for the country trainers to target and aim for. I just think we’ve tried to copy racing nsw and have missed the mark.

Let’s face it though, if you’re betting on this race at EF and you aren’t an owner or trainer you might have a problem!

I’ll let you off if you are a strict follower of the country form, but that’s 0.1% of the punting public. How could you bet into it? Sand tracks, dirt track, grass tracks and most of the time it’s impossible to find replays anyway. Forget about any meaningful data as well. It’s a dead set bet for the sake of it if you are investing.

I know a lot of the lead ups are on certain days but my idea would be to work the calendar around and change from Tatts Tiara day and move to THE ARCHER raceday up north. It’s still a big track, you can run a big field and it’s the highlight of country racing (or that day will be in the future). The Archer was a great success and if they move it to the Sunday it might become a huge days racing. Surely that’s a good fit? I know the big jocks are in town for this weekend, but as the Archer meeting builds you will get more jocks from Brisbane head up for it. Another reason to add this big prizemoney race to help the big country carnival?

Anyway, I might be way off the mark. I just think it’s better placed there than it is on a G1 day.

Happy to hear people’s thoughts if you are on social media.