Apprentices riding well

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Just wanted to make mention of some apprentices riding particularly well recently.

No doubt in my mind Kyle-Wilson Taylor is the most improved rider in the south east. I have to admit I wasn’t too sure in the early days but I’ve been told he was working really hard and that he just wanted to get better. He has succeeded and really starting to string some winners together, onwards and upwards for him as he really cements himself in the city and as a rider of the future.

Jaden Lloyd was one you always had the feeling would make it and he’s well on the way. He’d be getting rides without a claim and is showing a lot of the seniors up week in week out. Still early days and no doubt he will travel a lot of places and have a fabulous career. The best gear change a horse can have is a jockey upgrade and that’s the way I’m looking at it with him at the moment for a majority of the horses he’s getting on.

The one that has really made me take notice recently is Angela Jones. She looks good on them, she can win from the front or wait patiently, and she can punch them out. Gee I liked what I’ve witnessed and she is going from strength to strength. You will be hearing more of her in the future as she makes her way to town.


Also a weekend you have to forgive some horse. Speeding tickets could have been given out in Race 2 where they went 13L faster than benchmark, forgive the leaders. Didn’t go as fast in the last but still way too fast. Race 7 was 1050m and they went 9.1L faster than benchmark, forgive those leaders that stopped also.


SOAPBOX: I’ve always wondered why more questions don’t get asked by stewards. Mostly talking about rides etc but also just when horses hard in the market flop. The one this past weekend was SWEET MARGOT MAY. She’s not one i’m that fond of anyway and the $2 was a ridiculous price that she started at. BUT….. She got beaten a long way and not a mention in the stewards reports. Surely the jock and trainer get asked their thoughts and that a vets checked her over? Nothing? Maybe it was the 6.5kg weight rise, maybe the wet, maybe had enough? We may not have got to the bottom of it but we might have got a clue which could help punters confidence one way or another next start?