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The GCTC blackbook will be up over at

UPDATE ON RADIO SHOW: Apologies on the timing of the show again on the weekend. I have no idea why it’s been on at the wrong time a couple of weeks in a row but it will be getting sorted this week and hopefully you can join Chris and myself for an hour each Saturday morning on the BETFAIR EDGE.


SKINS– Nearly a year and a half off and this was a good return. Bumped into a real speedster and a win next start would not surprise. 

TOOMAI– Best L200m of the meeting. Really building through the line and 1500-1600m might be the go next time out.

EXPLOSIVE QUALITY– Was keen to lay her Saturday but want to follow if she finds easier races. Got back and run on well here. Eligible for easier and will win if placed there.

PROSPECTUS– 11.78 L200m and was the only one to break 12 in the race. In saying that, they did run along and he settled last. Just needs to draw a gate and he can continue to run well as he has all prep.