Darryl Hansen “One on One”

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Welcome to another “One on One” Interview where Gibbo catches up with some of the players in our racing industry to find out what makes them tick, and give you the opportunity to find out more about them. You never know when you may run into them or want them to train or ride your next horse.
I have caught up with Darryl Hansen on a couple of occasions to talk about his star galloper Essington and thought I would love to find out more of Darryl’s background as he is very nice bloke and is gathering a very nice team and has them going good at present.

Gibbo: Thanks for taking the time to catch up with brissyraces.com.au and letting us find out about your set up and how you have ended up where you are at the moment.

Gibbo: Can you give us a quick rundown of where you grew up?

Darryl: I was born in Charters Towers and grew up in Townsville.

Gibbo: How did you first get into Training?

Darryl: I started going to the races at an early age with my grandparents and the passion grew from there.

Gibbo: Who are some of the people you have worked with in the industry and who has had the greatest impact on your career?

Darryl: I started with Jimmy Dixon in Townsville and learnt a lot there. I also learnt a lot from Bill Parker who was a very good trainer in Rockhampton.

Gibbo: Is there a highlight for you in your career so far?

Darryl: I would say moving to the south and having reasonable success.

Gibbo: I love my Rugby League, What are your main interests/hobbies outside of training horses?

Darryl: I love fishing, gym and golf when I have time.

Gibbo: If you weren’t a trainer what would you be doing?

Darryl: A chef.

Gibbo: Do you have any sayings or rules you stick by when training your horses?

Darryl: Not really, I just give them a good grounding and plenty of care.

Gibbo: Any superstitions?

Darryl: No.

Gibbo: It is a credit to you what you have done with Essington, any secrets to what you did to turn him around from being a cast off?

Darryl: No, I just poked along with him and let him learn what racing is all about.

Gibbo: Can you give us a quick rundown of your setup? Where you are based and how many boxes etc?

Darryl: I am at the Sunshine Coast in the QLD racing stables on course with 30 boxes.

Gibbo: If people are looking to race their first horse after the Qtis 600 sales or at some stage in the future should they be contacting you to talk about what options they have?

Darryl: They can contact me by

Mobile- 0417 280 318

E-mail:  louiselane10@bigpond.com

Thanks very much for giving us your time Darryl and I hope the brissyraces supporters follow you with interest in the future. I know we will catch up with you many more times on our website as you have been good to us and we appreciate your insight into your runners and their results.