Doomben review

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No doubt hard the fence wasn’t the place to be and those getting to the middle seemed to find the best ground.

Incredibly frustrating (and poor) day for me: Three of my main bets summed up below.

ATHIRI kicked out in the gates and cleared to run before going like a busted bum.

GIANNIS was vetted at the gates and cleared to run before being lame after race.

MAOTAI scratched at gates. Might have been a blessing if the other two had been too!



Here are a few to follow:

GEE TEE TEE– Another really good effort from this consistent type. If they can find a similar race he can win again. Maybe they might step him out of his grade though? Keen to see what they find for him. 

LOVE TAP– This just didn’t set up great and the effort was still good. Will be suited on a bigger track and to a mile next time out. Don’t sack it off this run. 

PRINCE OF BOOM– Couldn’t have been more impressive. Can be competitive in anything off that win. (Plus the Sydney for looks rubbish at the moment)

SUPERIUM– No knock on the winners but they got a picnic up front and this horse made a stack of ground. In good form and ready to win now.