Golden Slipper 2022

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Sorry to everyone for little articles this week. I’ve had an op and been out of action.

Just a quick look at the slipper.

This is one of the more open slippers I can remember. COOLANGATTA is the obvious and she was great in the Millions. It’s a bit of an ask coming here fresh, I don’t mind it but she just seems short enough to me. RUSSIAN CONQUEST was as good in the MM and Snowden’s would have left some in the tank off the last run for this. She will run well.

SHE’S EXTREME looks to be one who is improving every time she steps out. Love seeing that in 2yr olds and she has that sense of timing about her. Should be able to land around midfield with cover and just be held up for the last shot at them. She’s the way I’m leaning at $8.50..

SEJARDAN and SHALATIN have bumped into each other a couple of times and off those runs you’d lean SEJARDAN. I have a feeling this race will suit SHALATIN, hot tempo and let him hit the line. If it’s dry I’m sure he runs better than the $34 suggests. If it happens to be wet i’d probably lean the other way with SEJARDAN who is a model of consistency and sure to hit the line again.

Gibbo’s 2022 Slipper picks:

16-SHE’S EXTREME $8.50