Kilner/Heathcote smokin

On the Qld Betfair Edge with Chris Nelson I mentioned a month or so again that the apprentices will have a field day this time of the year and it’s come true. Especially Lloyd and Kilner have been firing

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The Heathcote and Kilner association has been incredible. The Heathcote yard was just going before they linked up with Kilner and now they are airborne. Trainer and jockey having a super run.

Here are the stats from 1st August until now for the combination:

11 wins from 30 runners at 36.7%

91% profit on turnover for punters

Shortest priced winners in that time have been $2.50 (Aswaat x2 and Sergeant Silva) and the longest priced winner was also Sergeant Silva ($23.50) at it’s first win.



It’s all systems go this Thursday to Saturday.

Can you feel your heart beating with the excitement of the Cairns Amateurs Carnival just hours away!

Three days of fashion, fun, festivities, friends – and of course the chance for a flutter. With live screenings of the race, fashions of the field and an atmosphere that will carry on well after the last race.