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We haven’t done a ‘One on One’ interview for a while.

I have been made aware of TROY PASCOE and as I type this article he has trained seven winners from his last 25 runners, a terrific strike rate! I also hear he’s a good fella so lets find out more.


Troy Pascoe 3

Gibbo: Gday Troy, thanks for joining us mate.

Troy: Thanks for the interview Gibbo.  As a smaller trainer, in such a competitive industry, it can be hard to get noticed sometimes.


Gibbo: So I believe it’s up near the Darling Downs area? Where exactly mate?

Troy: I have 25 acres on the outskirts of Toowoomba, which is only about 10 minutes from the Clifford Park Racetrack.  It’s a very nice property with large walk in walk out stables that were designed to maximise each horse’s comfort and safety which significantly assists in helping the horses to relax. The country atmosphere and extra space is also especially beneficial when a horse has had a tough run and you can put them out on the grass for a few days allowing for a much quicker and effective recovery.


Gibbo: How many in the stable? And how long have you been training for?

Troy: I have been training for about 5-6 years but have always had only a very small team.  I currently have six in work but only two that are racing, as I’m educating a few young ones. I only ever have 2-4 at a time that are at the racing stage, meaning they are able to get a lot of individualised attention and care. I try to be flexible in my training methods and combining this with a detailed knowledge and understanding of each of my horses, means that I can tailor the preparation of each horse and try to maximise on its capabilities.


Gibbo: What got you into the caper and who has had the biggest influence on your career?

Troy: I’ve always loved the sport even from a very young age.  My biggest influence would have to be Jim “JJ” Atkins, it’s not very often you can have the privilege of working for a hall of fame trainer with 70 plus years experience and over 3500 winners.  He taught me a great deal, both on and off the track, in my years there.  Jim was a very patient trainer whose horses were able to not only complete long preparations but SUCCESSFUL long preparations.  He also had a great eye, he could look at a horse and say that horse is a run short, he’ll win next start – and most times he was spot on! Working as the equine accounts manage for a local produce has also taught me about the variety of feeds and supplements that are available and how they work as well as how to best utilise them.



Gibbo: You’re originally from Northern NSW? How’d you end up where you are?

Troy: I had never touched a racehorse but I had a goal to be JJ’s foreman so I threw my job in and moved to Toowoomba. I worked for free for a local trainer for four months, in order to gain some industry experience, before landing a job at a pre-trainers.  After being there for three months I received a call to say I had a job at JJ’s if I wanted it.  I started there and four months later I was his foreman.  Now that I am a trainer myself, I am still constantly researching and learning ways to improve my training techniques.


Gibbo: Trainers pride themselves on a strike rate and you have one of the best around, the old have horse will travel if it’s the right race?

Troy: Yeah I spend a lot of time looking at and planning race preps and I definitely try to place my horses well and find the right race for them, no matter where that is. The drive home is always a lot shorter after a winner!


Gibbo: Guessing there is always room for more owners mate? The horses like the one on one attention and country setting obviously helps them so the owners should look you up?

Troy: I am very grateful for the support that I do have but there is always room for more owners that’s for sure.  It can be a big commitment giving your horse to someone to train and I always try to ensure that I am doing the very best by each of my owners and their horses.  I believe that the horses do better stabled away from the racetrack in a more natural setting as they seem to relax a lot more.


Gibbo: I like to finish by asking a couple of different questions…. Whats the weirdest thing you have seen on a racetrack?

Troy: A male and female streaker at Ballina Races many years age, they ran up the home straight completely starkers.


Gibbo: Down to your last $100, whats your play?

Troy:  I’d take my wife and kids out to dinner and have the change on the Broncos to win.


*Thanks for catching up with us mate and I can guarantee that the punters will be following you after finding out about the strike rate. Good luck in the future, onwards and upwards!!


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