QLD trying to compete…?

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Is the launch of the Sydney Championships yet another nail in QLD racing’s coffin?

Possibly an overreaction, yes, but also it may have some credence. I am obviously an unashamed QLD racing man, otherwise I wouldn’t run this site!

Victoria racing has gone from strength to strength in recent years and the spring carnival cannot be matched, however the Sydney mob are prepared to have a go. With the government’s help they released the details last week at what looks an amazing carnival with huge prize money increases!

*There will be over $18 million in prize money over the two Saturdays.

*The Queen Elizabeth 2000m is now worth $4 million.

*Doncaster 1600m now worth $3.

*The T.J.Smith 1200m is worth $2.5 million.

*Derby $2 million.

On top of that there are at least three more million dollar races and a couple worth $500k.Horse shoe

This is another step forward for Sydney racing. Many trainers from other states have moved to get boxes anywhere in NSW after the last lot of prize money increases and this will now get a few more interstate rivals heading to the autumn and putting off Brisbane winter plans.

We will still have a great carnival, don’t get me wrong, but the picture is it is simply another huge positive move interstate while we are racing for $11k first prize on our 2nd biggest day (Wednesday-Brisbane). I know, I know “you sound like a broken record Gibbo” and you are right, I do, but what are we going to do about it?? I hear people around the traps being positive and saying it all takes time.. Fair enough, but trainers are leaving the state and I have had multiple people tell me they were going to buy horses to race in QLD but will now find a southern trainer to chase the money. Those people can’t be blamed for their logic. Every sales/auction that goes past is another time that owners have to select where to send their horses and I don’t reckon many are dead set on racing here anymore.

Those who are regulars would remember my article saying a couple of ideas would be to cut down on some of the bush events (read article for details, not having a go at country racing) but surely something like losing one of the 3 provincial meets and/or one of the 5-6 non-tab meetings over the weekend and condensing them into two meetings and raising quality and prize money has to be given thought? Then rotate the venues so the clubs don’t miss out. Or put that money to a Wednesday, have another race or two on the card and race for $17-18k first prize? I am very keen to see the GC and Sunny Coast tracks used more often on a Saturday to give the big Brisbane tracks (mainly EF) a rest. This could possibly make up for any lost meetings.Dollar

The better prizemoney would not only help field sizes, but also create more revenue as punters would be more keen to bet in better quality fields and possibly owners would think twice about buying interstate.

It is good to see the smaller clubs like the SCTC and the GCTC come up with ideas like ‘tradies day’ at the GC, ‘Oktoberfest’ at the sunny coast which are at least all ideas to get punters and even outsiders to the track, they now need support from our government etc to make their races worth more prize money to get the best quality animal racing at their tracks. The government need to realise what the Racing Industry does for them and the revenue it creates, time to pump some back into us!

Even the Tweed River (Murwillumbah) have a big twilight meeting coming up in December with big prizes and a band after the last. They are another club that has benefited from Racing NSW and their increases. They will benefit with Qld trainers heading down there as they have all year.

*At the end of the day I congratulate the ATC and NSW government on yet another great move and who knows how big it will be, but if you don’t have the kahuna’s to throw some money at a good idea you will never know if it is successful or not because you’re always saying how good everything else is.

I am certain it will be a positive move for racing and for tourism in Sydney as I already have plenty of mates who have not been to Sydney now saying “Let’s plan a trip for the track.”

*I will say making the Stradbroke $1 million was a good step but this sort of takes it back a step again. Let’s hope to god they don’t tinker with the straddy and turn it into a WFA race like they were talking about!

At the end of the day I am like all QLD race lovers and I simply want our product to be as good as possible, I hope it doesn’t come across any different! I will continue to race my horses in QLD and fingers crossed we have some positive moves in the next year or so.

Anyway on a lighter note here is a blackbooker running Wednesday:


Pretty Gully – Doomben R7 No.4 (1200m):