Review of a couple of races

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As part of my work at I do a review of most meetings in QLD. Saturday’s review will be up Monday, just wanted to post two of the races here this week as they were more than interested. Other races can be found at The Race Club.

RACE 3: Really interesting race, some do have HALLELUJAH BOY in the ‘non-winners’ category and it’s starting to be easy to make a case for but to be honest Orman just got it wrong here. I like Orman because he is a jock that’s prepared to go early and when he does he commits. However on this occasion they got going around the 800m mark and he felt he had to go with TROMMELSCHLAGEN but once he beat that horse off he was a sitting shot for the others. LE JUGE was the horse good enough to run him down and it was a great training effort from Waller, this horse has been up for a long time and very good return from 4 weeks between runs. Lloyd’s ride on MAZAZ was questionable. When Jeff is aggressive it’s a beautiful thing, he bounces and gets everything out of the horses he rides. Once they went early here I can’t believe how quiet he was on MAZAZ? Even in the straight he only gave the horse one on the bum at the 50m and it responded beautifully, one can only think what would have happened if he was aggressive 150m earlier… REPLAY BELOW

Race 6: Market spoke with IMPASSE as he nearly doubled his quote in the 10mins leading into jump here. He got an ok run but put in his worst run in a long time. Maybe be forgiving as the rain was the last thing he wanted and feel it would have been closer to a heavy track. SECRET MO took the claim, pushed forward and found enough to hold off a fast finishing MONACO PLAYBOY, first and second are ducks and the rain between races made this a testing track. The controversy here was the fact SECRET MO won by 0.1L and Murphy was fined $200 for using the whip 7 times prior to the 100m mark. My question is why wouldn’t you, they aren’t going to uphold up a protest and you are giving yourself an advantage, you’ve won by a nose and struck the horse too many times. Pay the fine, get the sling and move on better for it!