Some stats for those going well

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As I say with these articles, it’s just the ones that come to mind that I look up. There may be some going better i’ve missed.

STATS from May 1st to July 27th.

STEVE TREGEA– 10 winners from 28 starters at 35% with a profit on turnover of 51% (based on $100 flat staking)

MICHAEL COSTA– 19 from 52 at 36% with a P.O.T of 148% 

TONY GOLLAN– 30 from 184 at 16% with a P.O.T of 17%

M.NOLAN- 16 from 72 at 22% with a P.O.T -17% but going through a hot patch now with 6 from last 14 starters winning!