Stewards reports

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A couple of important things popped up in the reports I thought I’d share

SMART IMAGE – Raced three wide. Underwent a post race veterinary examination which revealed mild heat stress and a poor post race recovery.

KNIGHT MARINER (NZ) – Near the 1400m KNIGHT MARINER (NZ) tightened for room between FIFTEEN ROUNDS and SLOW HANDS (NZ), which shifted in. Apprentice K. Wilson-Taylor was reprimanded under AR131(a) and advised to provide his fellow riders with greater clearance when shifting ground. Rider S. Thornton advised that KNIGHT MARINER (NZ) was disappointing today and although the race developed into a sprint home over the final 600m, the gelding didn’t quicken as expected. A post race veterinary examination of the gelding revealed pain on flexion of the off fore fetlock. Trainer T. Gollan reported that he will report back to Stewards with the results of veterinary tests including an endoscopic examination. Mr Gollan reported that the gelding underwent an endoscopic examination on returning to his stables which revealed an inflamed epiglottis requiring treatment, and the gelding will now be sent for a spell.