Bit of a wrap up from Ippy

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Not sure what’s happened to the track here. No rain for 12 days, 4mm of irrigation for the week and it goes up a soft 5. And somehow downgraded to a soft 6 at the end of the day. I was hearing those in the know reckon it was a 7 early. As I said I don’t know what’s happened but that’s an absolute shamozzle.

Race 1:

HONEY POT. Not for me any more. She has to come out and win one before I can go anywhere near her. There to win and just didn’t get it done in a below par race. HATTUSA was in our GCTC blackbook but I wasn’t smart enough to bet at the massive odds here.

Race 2:

I was worried SUBTERRANEAN might have forgotten how to win but the drop in grade did the trick. Nice win and he’s much better placed up here than in Sydney. INDISCREETLY was very good fresh over the 1350m. Will win multiple races again this prep.

Race 4:

Liked SEE MARIE but a few things went against. May have just needed the run and the track being that bit testing wouldn’t have helped the cause. Byrne also went too early and there was no need to chase the breakaway $70 pop when you are 2nd up to 1600m. She will win a race soon.

(will add more to article when i have more time)