EF blackbook

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CONVERGE– How good did this go! The only horse to break 12 seconds the last split in this race. Ran 11.80 while the next best was 12.28. Look out once we get to the mile. 

VEGA ONE- No surprise to see he was able to run 11.38 the L200m which was the best of the day. Another case of a horse being held up which then lets it sprint better than the others on this track late. Some of the best wins we have seen on this track are from horses accidentally being held up.

SWEET DEAL- This mare is airborne and was the only one in the race to break 34. She ran 33.92 L600m and was just dictated to by the gate and was too far back in the run. She couldn’t have done much more. 


The GCTC blackbook will be up Monday at : https://www.gctc.com.au/gibbos-tips/