It’s not to late to organise your Cairns Amateurs trip

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Well we have around 5 months to the Cairns Amateurs. That’s more than enough time to even start a punters club and make it your trip away!

There are plenty of punters clubs up and about over the week in September (my mates and I are some of them). We put in a certain amount, bet the rest and everything me have goes to trip. Why not chase the start of winter and get some sun on your back in beautiful Cairns.

There are plenty of options to cover whatever you are after, from general admission to all inclusive packages. Have a chat to your punters club and see what they say.

*You could also just make it a trip away with your better half and spoil them for the weekend. Between the ANZ ball, the welcome party and two days of racing there are a lot of ways to plan your few days.

All the options are at the link below for you to have a look through.