Oliver latest + Railway Stakes draw

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Damien Oliver has received his penalty for placing a $10,000 bet in 2010. Stewards disqualified Oliver for 8 months, and he also has a 2 months suspension after that.

I’m sure everyone knows the story that he placed the bet from his phone in the jockey’s room. Let’s get it clear that he has not been accused of ‘pulling horses up, or ‘not giving them every chance’. That is not the case. Many people have blown up at the penalty handed down as being light, but after recent cases that on the surface looked a far bigger deal and went over a much longer time, it seems like the right decision and it would be wrong to give him more time off for what looks a smaller case of betting?

That is just my opinion and that’s what’s good about racing, we can all have our opinions but the at the end of the day the ruling bodies decision is the only one that matters.


*In other news the RAILWAYS STAKES Group 1 Field and Barriers have been announced.


No.- Horse – Barrier – Weight

1 LUCKYGRAY   12   58kg

2 FAT AL   4   57kg

3 PLAYING GOD   2   57kg

4 WALL STREET   16   57kg

5 YOSEI   18   55kg


7 LORDS RANSOM   15   53.5kg

8 BATTLE EMBLEM   7   53kg

9 GOD HAS SPOKEN   1   53kg

10 KING SAUL   13 53kg

11 MASCHINO   9   53kg

12 MR MOET    5   53kg

13 NIBLICK   8   53kg

14 RANGER    10  53kg

15 ROSIE ROCKET    14   53kg

16 ZESTER   17   53kg


17 SHAMARDASHING   3   53kg

18 OUR OL’ FELLA    11   53kg