Pillars Of Strength – A worthy charity Brissyraces wants to support

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Now the BrissyRaces website has continued to grow (thanks to you guys) I felt it was a good opportunity to support a charity that is pretty new and I’d like to help it grow as I believe in it. There is a good video below that says it all.

I can’t go over everything here but I will put up there website and a video for you to get to know what it is all about. Here are a few quick details of the great charity.

PILLARS OF STRENGTH is an organisation that helps support Fathers (and families) while their children are facing significant trauma. There are a lot of places that focus on the women/wives when a child is lost, but the PILLARS OF STRENGTH is really focused on helping the fathers who are often forgotten or not asked how they are going. PILLARS OF STRNGTH not only supports them financially where possible but gives Dads who have gone through similar things a chance to talk to each other and know that there is support out there for them also. Cricket and golf days are not only used to raise some money but also for the dads to catch up and reflect.

*They help provide money for day to day support for families going through the trauma.PillarsofStrength_Logo_

*They provide families and, in particular, fathers to get access to information and other support services that they may require as a consequence of experiencing a significant family trauma eg counselling through SIDS and KIDS, Beyond Blue, Lifeline and other government or non-government support agencies;

*They promote increased community awareness and involvement in supporting men suffering a significant family trauma and to promote its programmes in providing support for men who suffer significant family trauma including the loss of a young child or children;


I know there are a lot of charity organisations out there at the moment and it can be impossible to support them all. I am simply saying that if you do want to support a charity then maybe you also believe in the PILLARS OF STRENGTH like I do. They are based in NSW at the moment but with some help along the way I am sure the guys will expand and wouldn’t it be great to have something like this in numerous places around Australia!


***I may try to raise money myself overtime or even try to raise some money through a Brissyraces day with a beer and a bet. There will also be a permanent banner/link placed up where people can visit or donate if you happen to come into some coin and wish to help out and believe in Pillars as I do. Here is a link until then



 I encourage people to watch the quick video to get a quick guide as to what PILLARS OF STRENGTH is all about.

Thanks guys.