QLD owners association


*This was sent out today from RQ. This should be a very good thing for owners and the industry in my opinion.


I am writing on behalf of Racing Queensland (RQ) to inform you of the merger of the long-standing Queensland Racehorse Owners Association (QROA) and the newly formed Queensland Thoroughbred Owners Association (QTOA).

As part of RQ’s strategic plan, one of our key objectives is to develop and implement strategies to support ownership of racing animals.

The formation of the unified peak body, which is QTOA, is an important step in realising this strategic objective. The QTOA’s vision is to be the number one thoroughbred owner body protecting and enhancing the rights of all thoroughbred owners while enjoying the thrill of racing.

Having established a well-regarded seven-person Board, Alex Penklis will serve as their inaugural President, while Ben Mannion has been appointed as their inaugural CEO.

The remaining Board members are Drue Scofield, Gary Cunningham, Chris Wessel, Linda Huddy and Peter Tighe.

RQ recognises the QTOA and we look forward to working collaboratively to promote the ownership experience.

While there is no expectations or obligation for registered owners to join the QTOA, those who elect to do so will be able to enjoy a cross-section of benefits across racing in Queensland. Further details on the association can be found at www.qtoa.com.au.

RQ welcomes the formation of the QTOA, and we look forward to working with them on connecting Queenslanders through great racing, events and the love of our animals.