Tweed River – Twilight races

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**As many would know I have a soft spot for the Tweed River Jockey Club, I skipped many a days school to have a flutter and it is great to see the club moving ahead of late and becoming a strong and open minded club. This day and age you have to roll with society and things like this twilight meeting leading into Christmas is a great way for not only young people to get out and party, but also for families to head out after work (or give yourself a ‘sports’ arvo) and head out to sit on the grass and show the kids a good time.

There are giveaways, a trip to XXXX island! and a band after the last. Unfortunately I don’t think they will want me doing a karaoke number, but that’s understandable!

$15 for adults. Check out the Tweed River Jockey Club website for more.

Have a read below and I’m sure it will be a success. I will be taking my kids along for a look at the old stomping grounds and hopefully back a stack of winners.